SAS Raid

Not so picture heavy this and my dad were getting really into this game as we were trying out another section of the rules...the cautious movement and silent strike :D

Mission Objective: To infiltrate axis air strip and take out the planes and cause as much disruption as possible...
The SAS ground troops had assests of 2 Jeeps, 1 30cwt Chevy and 1 Rolls Royce armoured car (might not have been used by the SAS but we had some asset points left over and we wanted the Rolls)
Though the going was slow through the first half of the game (due to the cautious moving which reduces the distance you can move) didn't mean there was any less dad (with one squad) almost alerted the sentries and had an enemy officer swanning around...and me (with the other squad) thought I had set off a mine but it didn't go off so we decided it to be an upturned enamel mug buried in the ground (like the scene from Ice Cold in Alex)...
All was going rather well, my squad cleared the distance to two enemy sentries and took them out without them raising the alarm...cold steel in the night...and my dad managed to get to the edge of the cam-netted Me-109s...
Then it started to go down hill...I started to advance my squad towards the town and enemy barracks with the notion to plant a few bombs and mines then clear out undetected and watch everything go up...but as I was advancing down the hill an enemy squad saw me and opened fire with an MG34...luckily it being night he only caused some minor flesh wounds on my troopers who decided that it was probably best to retire and provide support for the other squad who were starting to lay the bombs in/on the planes...
The enemy started to chase after my squad but luckily took their time which allowed mine and my dad's squad to plant all the bombs on the planes and also on a building...all the bombs went off and the Hun came over the ridge and started to open fire on us...but the following turn saw the vehicles jump over a ridge and charge towards the Jerries with twin Vickers Ks laying down a devastating field of fire causing them to retire which gave the SAS an opportunity to jump into the vehicles and race out of harms way for tea and medals :)
This was a great game and really enjoyable...really want to try this type of game again at some point...maybe with more vehicles :D


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