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I bought a pack of Airfix multipose USMC a while ago and fairly recently thought I'd get a couple of them painted. I'm pleased with the results. These are the first figures I used GW washes on and since then I use them where and when possible.

French Bunker Indo China

I wanted to contribute to my dad's Vietnam range, and thought about doing a bunker as a bit of scenery/objective marker. After a little bit of thought and research I thought that an old French bunker would look quite good on the board.
These bunkers where built during the French occupation of Indo-China after the Second World War, they were used as security with the next one being quite a distance away. They were very poor in the defence of occupied Indo-China as the Viet Minh could sneak up under the cover of darkness and wipe out a bunker with ease. The French wouldn't be able to send any help until daylight and then maybe not straight away the day after...the Americans learned from this and used fixed defensive positions that could be self sufficient if came under attack and could sometimes be within fire support range of neighbouring camps...

Here are some pictures of French bunkers:

Here is my attempt at a French bunker:
Here is a layout of the pieces with wall supports alrea…


Just painted up some 95th Riflemen for a mate. He's ex RGJ (Royal Green Jackets) and I thought this would be a nice 'house warming' present...

The figures are Parkfield Miniatures and the base is from last years Christmas tree...always very useful for little things like this

Games Workshop - Vallejo

Have just found this great conversion table on the net which shows comparisons of GW, Vallejo Model Colour and Vallejo Game, if like me, you're not happy with paying the £2.25 for a GW paint now you can compare and spend less :)

hope this is useful

Comparison Table

Additions to 'BIG JOE'

Forgot to put the barbed wire roll on 'BIG JOE' here it is, all weathered and slightly rusty

BIG JOE part 2

My first completed 28mm M113 ACAV 'BIG JOE'...not much to say except hope it looks alright :)