French Bunker Indo China

I wanted to contribute to my dad's Vietnam range, and thought about doing a bunker as a bit of scenery/objective marker. After a little bit of thought and research I thought that an old French bunker would look quite good on the board.
These bunkers where built during the French occupation of Indo-China after the Second World War, they were used as security with the next one being quite a distance away. They were very poor in the defence of occupied Indo-China as the Viet Minh could sneak up under the cover of darkness and wipe out a bunker with ease. The French wouldn't be able to send any help until daylight and then maybe not straight away the day after...the Americans learned from this and used fixed defensive positions that could be self sufficient if came under attack and could sometimes be within fire support range of neighbouring camps...

Here are some pictures of French bunkers:

Here is my attempt at a French bunker:
Here is a layout of the pieces with wall supports already attached onto the base

A close up of the base with wall supports

A Parkfield US GI standing in the door way of the half built bunker

Same as above

The sweetie tube I used for the turret thing on top

Turret thing in position with Parkfield US GI

The supports and roof attached to the turret thing

A layer of Polly Filla applied to the bunker and to the base

Same as above

Base coat of Vallejo German Grey

After dry brushing the bunker (from Vallejo German Grey to Vallejo Medium Sea Grey) I attached some aquarium plants with hot glue (best way to attach this plant stuff)

Same as above from different view

After all the glue was set (doesn't take too long) I applied PVA to the base and to some areas on the roofs and piled on sand. Once dry gave a coat of Vallejo US Field Drab and drybrushed with GW Bleached Bone. Once that was dry more PVA was applied in patches and static grass (of different colours) was sprinkled on. After waiting for that to dry I applied splodges of contact adhesive and attached some clump foliage to the base and roof...once I get a bit of time after all the festivities I might find time to attach some grass tufts :)

Below are more pictures of the finished bunker:

As soon as me and my dad have a game to try out the new rule set that we are developing for Parkfield Miniatures I will get some more pics of the bunker uploaded with other scenery and figures...and I might even make another one or two of these to be sold by Parkfield, watch this space...


  1. Nicely done. Appreciate the step by step photos.



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