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Eastern Front bits and pieces


Painting 15mm US Moderns

Paints (mostly Vallejo Model Colour) used:
ACU - 886 Green Grey; 830 German Field Grey WW2; 821 German Camo Beige
3 Tone Desert Cam- 837 Pale Sand; 986 Deck Tan; 940 Saddle Brown
Woodland BDU Cam - 893 US Dark Green; Black (I used GW Chaos Black); 940 Saddle Brown; 988 Khaki

Digi Cam:
Give the uniform a base coat of Green Grey. Once dry apply fair sized splodges of German Field Grey, followed by smaller splodges of German Camo Beige. Once it is all dry apply small dots of contrasting colours over the uniform (so Beige over Green Grey and Field Grey & Field Grey over Beige etc)

3 Tone Desert Cam:
Apply a base coat of Pale Sand (you might need two coats of this). Once dry apply long splodges across the uniform, then apply small lines of Saddle Brown along one edge of each of the splodges

Woodland BDU:
Base the uniform with US Dark Green. Once dry apply random splodges in Black then Saddle Brown then finally Khaki. Make sure you leave small patches of Green showing through

Good luck with your …

US Modern Sample

Just thought I'd have a go at painting some Peter Pig Modern US Infantry...I've painted 2 different types of camo, one is the 3 tone BDU and the other is the Digital Camouflage ACU...
Digi Cam done

3 tone Camo done with Woodland Camo body armour

Finished models

I'm quite pleased with the outcome

Eastern Front Game Diorama

Just a little display of the workbench at the a WW2 Eastern Front game planned and wanted something different on the battlefield, so here is a small diorama that I'm working on...finished photos to follow

And some Russian reinforcements in the form of 2 T-34/76s and 2 Su-85s