My dad (who is the man behind all the lovely sculpts at Parkfield Miniatures) has recently completed and cast off a few M113s for Parkfield's Vietnam range. There are 2 variants avaliable; the M113A1 and the M113 ACAV. Being part of Parkfield Miniatures myself and sharing the love of wargaming it's always great to receive a few little gifts to 'try out' the figures. Here is one such 'try out' an M113 ACAV.

Above is the basic kit. It contains everything needed to make the M113A1...not entirely sure if the side skirts come in the basic pack or not
These are the ACAV additions to the basic extra GI to stand in the rear compartment manning one of the M60s, 2 M60s with shields and armour for the commanders cupola
Some stowage that Parkfield will be selling separately...great for personalising the M113s
Some weapons I scrounged from my dad's spare bits bag...2x M16s, 1x M79, 3x LAWs and 2x Canteens...
The commanders cupola side armour with plastic strips to represent straps and some smoke grenades and a canteen attached to the straps
The kit put together minus crew figures and the .50cal MG which I will but on after painting
Right rear quarter...
Over looking the right M60...can see the smoke grenades on the commanders cupola armour and the M79
Looking at the rear with the hatch open, an M16 and a canteen...some smoke grenades will be added as well
Looking at the back on the left hand side where I attached a couple of bags
Looking at the left side of the commanders cupola
Dry fitting of the crew
Close up of the driver...
...and commander...
...and rear gunner

Some pictures of halfway through the painting...most of the detail has been done, just letting it dry before dry-brushing and weathering
Front left quarter
.50cal armour with smiley and vehicle name
Left M60...note the Playboy Bunny and Peace symbol
Right M60...'COME 'N' GET IT!'
Rear hatch with M16, canteen and smoke grenades
Rear gunner
Marlboro packet
Commander's helmet smiley
and Driver

Completed pictures to follow


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