Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Just a quick note guys and girls I would like to apologise now for the poor quality of some (or most) of the pictures as I took them using my phones camera...

Friday, 12 June 2009

Ghillie Suits

Recently I have found some of my old Warhammer 40,000 Catachan models (Games Workshop) and thought that a re-paint would do them good, haven't got too far yet but here are two snipers that I have converted...

The idea behind these models was from a Games Workshop article I read on this type of conversion, and they got thier idea from modern military Ghillie Suits.
I first cut and stuck some wire mesh on to the figures, then undercoated with black. With Dark Angels Green (GW) I based the models. Then a light green and brown were added onto the base colour in random patches. This was then inked with brown. After the models had been left to dry I dry brushed them with a lighter green than used for the camo patches.
Once the model had dried I applied patches of PVA and dipped the models into some Green Flock, once that had dried I applied a bit of PVA arund the Flock and dipped the model into some Static Grass.
The base on the kneeling sniper was first painted with PVA then dipped into sand. Once dry I painted it with a watered down earthy colour (I used GW Graveyard Earth). Once that was dry a light drybrush with GW Bleached Bone. Then, in patches, I applied some PVA and dipped the base into Static Grass.
Below on some pics of the completed models...

Americans WW2

Well, it's been a long time since I last posted anything on here, so here is the next instalment...

I have recently purchased some Valiant Miniature figures (link). I got the American GIs and the Germans in Normandy, some very nice figures. Once I've got enough painted up will try them out with a set of rules that my dad put together a little while ago.
Also for the Valiant Miniatures I had a pair of Pzr III Ausf. J by Italeri which I based and then painted up. To equal the forces out I purchased a set of Håt Armourfast Sherman M4A3 (link), one of which I converted into a Sherman ARV.

Below are pictures of my construction of the Sherman ARV and painted Sherman and Valiant models: